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Notications by default will be empty, when clicking on the notications icon:

Notifications Icon

The notifications display as:

Notifications default state

The livewire class loads the latests 20 notifications for the logged in user.



namespace App\Http\Livewire\Admin;

use App\Http\Livewire\Base;
use App\Models\Notification;
use Illuminate\Contracts\View\View;

use function auth;
use function now;
use function view;

class NotificationsMenu extends Base
    public $notifications;
    public $unseenCount = 0;

    public function mount(): void

        $this->notifications = Notification::where('assigned_to_user_id', auth()->id())->take(20)->get();
        $this->unseenCount   = Notification::where('assigned_to_user_id', auth()->id())->where('viewed', 0)->count();

    public function render(): View
        return view('livewire.admin.notifications-menu');

    public function open(): void
        Notification::where('assigned_to_user_id', auth()->id())->where('viewed', 0)->update([
            'viewed'    => 1,
            'viewed_at' => now()

If any are unread the number of unread notifcations will be displayed with the icon. When the notifications window is open the notifications are marked as read.

Notifications Icon

@if ($unseenCount > 0)
    <span class="absolute top-0 block w-4 h-4 text-xs text-white bg-red-500 rounded-full left-4 ring-2 ring-white" aria-hidden="true">{{ $unseenCount }}</span>

When no notications exist, a "No notifications yet" message is displayed. Otherwise the notifications are looped over and displayed.

@if (count($notifications) === 0)
    <li class="p-6">No notifications yet.</li>
    @foreach($notifications as $notification)
    <li class="relative px-6 py-5">
        <div class="flex items-center justify-between group">
            @if (!empty($notification->link))
                <a href="{{ $notification->link }}" class="block p-1 -m-1">

                <div class="absolute inset-0 group-hover:bg-gray-50 dark:group-hover:bg-gray-500" aria-hidden="true"></div>

                <div class="relative flex items-center flex-1 min-w-0">

                    <span class="relative flex-shrink-0 inline-block">
                        @if (!empty($notification->assignedFrom->image))
                            <img class="w-10 h-10 rounded-full" src="{{ storage_url($notification->assignedFrom->image) }}" alt="{{ $notification->assignedFrom->name }}">

                    <div class="ml-4">
                        <p class="text-sm font-medium text-gray-900 dark:text-gray-200">{{ $notification->title }}</p>
                        <p class="text-sm text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-200">{{ $notification->created_at->diffForHumans() }}</p>
            @if (!empty($notification->link))

Creating Notifications

To create a notification create a database entry via the Notification model:

    'title'                 => 'Joe Called',
    'assigned_to_user_id'   => $user->id,
    'assigned_from_user_id' => auth()->id(),
    'link'                  => route('admin.contacts')

The notifications will be clickable if a URL has been provided.

Notifications example

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